Welcome to my E-liquid review blog.

I had been thinking of making a website for written E-liquid reviews for about a year but had never got round to doing it. It seemed everyone and their dog were starting Youtube channels reviewing e-cigarette hardware and doing eJuice reviews, so I wanted to make sure mine were written reviews, hosted on my own website. After tasting some great and very unique flavoured E-liquids, I thought it was a good time to get a website started. On the 26th of September 2017, ejuicereview.net went live.

I am based in Essex, near London, UK and very first started vaping in around 2009 when the first cigalike started getting talked about. Nobody knew much about them at that point and did initially receive some bad press. The e-cig then sat around the house not getting used. Again in 2014, I bought a few disposable cigalikes from a local shop that were not really up to much in suppressing cravings. In 2015, I upgraded to a better cigalike, then moved on to an ego type device. Still not getting much from these, I bought my first box mod in about September of 2015. This was the Eleaf iStick 40W along with a few Aspire Nautilus Mini tanks. From then on,  I took vaping more seriously and started buying a lot of E-liquid and hardware. Back then, I gained a lot of advice and information from POTV forum and watching Youtube reviewers like Vaping with Vic, Martyn Parker, Matts Ejuice Reviews and GBV (when he started his channel back in November 2015)

These days, I still watch a lot of live Youtube casts, such as the reviewers that are still reviewing mentioned above, as well as people like The Devil Vaper, Vaping V1ck and Soul Ohm Reviews.

My E-liquid is purchased either from outlets such as Vape Club or direct from the manufacturers website. I aim to give a very honest review of the ejuice on the website and plan for at least 200 words per review. The blog is predominantly E-liquid reviews but may change it up a little with the odd bit of hardware now and again.

If you want to write a review to appear on the website, want your E-liquid (or occasionally hardware) reviewed or for any vaping related questions; please get in touch.

Thanks for visiting!