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Tropical by Bearded Freaks 0

Tropical by Bearded Freaks

Review by Jen_Turista Our e-liquid review today will talk about Bearded Freaks’ Tropical E-liquid. Bearded Freaks is an up-and-coming brand that has just launched in 2020. It is made by The Vaping Hamster and...

Acid Nasty Juice 0

Acid E-Juice by Nasty Juice

After recently reviewing the Nasty Ballin and Moo Shake ranges, here is another review of a range from Nasty Juice. This is a sour candy flavoured range called Acid E-Juice by Nasty Juice. They...


Twisted by Exceptional Vapes

Here is another review today from the EV Gold Edition range. This is Twisted by Exceptional Vapes. EV are a UK company based in Derby, UK and have a website selling their large ranges...